ISA Virtual Process Industry Conference

Date: 17th November, 2020 | Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST


November 17, 2020





About the Event

This virtual conference event experience combines the technical expertise, knowledge, and proven history of ISA - the global leader in process automation standards, training, and education – along with LIVE presentations by leading experts across critical areas covering: process instrumentation/control, cybersecurity & safety systems, open architecture and infrastructure, and operational excellence.

Add to that, the opportunity to take advantage of a separate track of ON-DEMAND, BONUS CONTENT covering the latest and greatest in solution and strategy discussions surrounding Digital Transformation in Deepwater Production!

Jump into the new normal of networking and join us for a full-day of expert presentations, interactive chat activities, and access to technology products and solutions through our sponsored virtual exhibition hall.

Agenda:  Auditorium (Track 1 – Live Presentations)

17 November 2020

9:00 AM ET

Exhibit Hall Opens

9:00 AM ET

Exhibitor Lounge Discussion

10:00 AM ET

Keynote Presentation: Disruptive Times: Making Your Own Path

Abstract: The only thing constant is change – and yet we usually find change very difficult; especially when it is thrust upon us from the outside. COVID-19 anyone? On a simpler note - the automation business has seen significant changes, and these changes are ever growing in scope and complexity. How do we keep up and prosper? Going through a change can be like going through the 5 stages of grief. But we can own it, and we can make that process better, easier, hopeful. It’s something I’ve been doing my whole career, and I’m happy to share some of those experiences with you; some ideas that can help you in your endeavors.

Kelly Hall
CEO, Vermillion Power Technologies, Inc.

Biography: Kelly Hall, P.E., ran her first business while in Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Back then, Kelly Hall & Associates helped small companies understand and comply with the new WHMIS legislation. From that start, she launched a 30-year career working at the forefront of change. From developing control system software to managing $350M infrastructure projects, from designing control rooms to building tanks; from pharmaceuticals to oil sands, developing new organizations, and rolling out new products, Kelly has studied the change process and its impacts. Teaching others to turn that process and those impacts and changing the box to their advantage is her passion.

 10:30 AM ET


11:00 AM ET

Reality-Based Training for Instant and Long-Term Results

Abstract: Did the latest training you attended not meet your expectations? Did you forget most of the content after a few weeks or months after the training? Let’s have a look at how trainings can be enjoyable, memorable and well worth the effort!
Process industries today face a tremendous challenge; when highly experienced personnel is retiring it is essential to rapidly bring new employees up to speed. In this presentation we will show how the latest interactive training methods really engages the participants and give instant and long-term results! Learning-by-doing by using our Interactive Plant Environment in combination with solving real world issues via discussions in the classroom has proven to be very efficient. The purpose of the training is to provide the engineer with tools required to handle most of the troubleshooting that he/she will come across in the field.

Magnus Gyllenstrand
Training Manager, Emerson Process Solutions

Biography: Magnus Gyllenstrand has been active in technical training for almost 20 years. At first focusing on the nuclear physics, training operators on how to run the core. Later, as a trainer in full scale simulators for the whole crew running the plant. This has given in depth knowledge of how the personal in the process industry thinks and needs to be trained. At his current position as training manager at Emerson he uses this knowledge both to develop and teach courses.

 11:30 AM ET


12:00 PM ET

Developing Sustainable Optimized HVAC Systems Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Abstract: HVAC systems consume around 50% of the energy usage in buildings. Pre-existing HVAC controls systems (using Programming Logic Controllers) manage the optimum temperature in a room based on static set points (desired temperatures) fed in by building managers/operators. However, finding a set point that will also optimize the energy consumption has been a challenge. Besides, the quality of control is also impacted by the fact that energy consumption and room temperatures are dynamically affected by varying room occupancy and ambient weather conditions. The growing necessity and focus on sustainable solutions also makes for a case to leverage ambient forecasts and provide a greener control system. This presentation offers the application of various machine learning algorithms including simulation and reinforcement learning approaches, to fine tune existing HVAC control systems by applying dynamic set points - thereby maximizing the energy efficiency in a building while optimizing thermal comfort.

Shamik Choudhury
Consultant Data Scientist, Future Technologies, AFRY

Biography: An ISA Senior member, data scientist, software architect, technology evangelist with 24 years of experience in software product development as well as services, in the domains of process control automation, enterprise architecture, utilities, smart solutions, and telecommunications.

 12:30 PM ET


13:30 PM ET

Wireless Technology Enabling IIoT for Mature Offshore Oil and Gas Production Facilities

Abstract: Wireless technology has been applied to mature oil and gas production facilities offshore at Sarawak, Malaysia. Wireless technology has also greatly enabled the IIOT including applications of data analytics. The benefits include improved production surveillance, asset integrity, equipment uptime and operation efficiency. Offshore Oil and Gas production facilities currently still operating at offshore Sarawak, Malaysia have been operating since 1970s. Some of the facilities are still using pneumatic control system which has limitation in terms of remote surveillance and production optimization.
In 1999, a feasibility study was carried out to evaluate the application of computer-assisted operation for these matured fields. The scope covers retrofitting of pneumatic instrumentation to electronic and infrastructure including data storage/telemetry and the like. In 2010, the first deployment of wireless devices was completed using pressure transmitters to monitoring pipeline pressure. It was later extended to temperature and valve diagnostics as well as pipeline thickness monitoring. Data from the devices enable descriptive analytics via informative dashboard output as will be presented in this real-world case scenario.

Sharul A. Rashid
Custodian Engineer Instrument & Control, PETRONAS

Biography: Sharul graduated with a Bachelor of Science from University of Miami, Coral Gables Florida in 1988 and then graduated in Master Engineering from University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida in 1990. He has been serving with PETRONAS, Malaysia for over 29 years in various Oil & Gas facilities – Pipeline Gas Transmission Operations Division, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant , Refinery and Aromatics Plant. He is now Custodian/Chief Engineer - Instrument & Control, leading an Instrumentation group for PETRONAS Malaysia in the area of OT cybersecurity.

Jimmy Chan Kai Lung
Principal Engineer, Instrumentation & Control, PETRONAS

Biography: Jimmy holds 19 years professional experience in oil and gas industry, instrument discipline covering: facilities engineering, machinery control, maintenance/technical services including instrument and control and metering. Over his career, he has served in various technical roles including: Technical Authority (TA) for Instrument and Control; Acting Section Head, Facilities Studies; Acting Section Head, Measurement Assurance; and, Acting Unit Head, Facilities Engineering-Electrical and Instrument.

 14:00 PM ET


 14:30 PM ET

Track 2: LIVE Digital Transformation Panel Discussion

Presenters: Various
Join numerous program participants from the 2020 Digital Transformation in Deepwater Production Virtual Conference for highlights and a discussion across several topical areas covered in the various sessions delivered at the live event.
Bring your questions and observations from the on-demand BONUS content recordings that you chose to participate in and add to the discussion with our expert panelists.

 15:00 PM ET


15:30 PM ET

Bringing It Full Circle: The State of Open Process Automation

Abstract: Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) is an organization comprising end users, companies supplying hardware and software and integrators as well as academic institutions working together to create a thriving ecosystem for the component members that drives greater innovation and facilitates new technology adoption. The forum is aimed at creating a standard of standards with three main working groups – Business, Conformance, and Technology. The benefits to from utilization of an open, interoperable, secure, standards-based architecture for process control will be described. How the structure of the OPA Forum differs from other standards creation bodies and is complementary to similar industry activities such as NOA will also be presented toward the current state of industry affairs, providing a full-circle technical overview into the published standards and planned work of the forum.

Don Bartusiak
President, Collaborative Systems Integration & Co-Chair Open Process Automation Forum

Biography: Don Bartusiak is President of Collaborative Systems Integration LLC, an Austin Tx based startup providing systems integration services and control software products for the Open Process Automation business ecosystem. In Oct 2020, he retired as Chief Engineer, Process Control for ExxonMobil Research and Engineering after 33 years of service. Don also has 7 years of experience in process development research with Bethlehem Steel. At ExxonMobil, he has been a process control application engineer working on artificial intelligence, linear and nonlinear model predictive control, and real-time optimization at facilities in the U.S. and U.K in central engineering offices and in manufacturing. From the mid-1990s, he held supervisory or senior technical positions with responsibility for instrumentation, process analyzers, control systems, and control applications at facilities in Texas and Virginia. From 2000 to 2002, he was Lecturer and Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering at Rice University. Don received a B.S. (Chemical Engineering) from the University of Pennsylvania and M.S. and Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering) degrees from Lehigh University. Don is co-chair of the Open Process Automation Forum of The Open Group, an organization dedicated to creating a set of standards for driving open, standards-based interoperability, security and portability aspects. He is active in many ISA leadership activities from board of directors to standards development, is the recipient of ISA’s 2018 Excellence in Leadership Award, has published a multitude of journal articles and is co-inventor of several patents.

 16:00 PM ET

Happy Hour Chat 

Agenda: Auditorium (Track 2 – On Demand Content/Digital Transformation)


On-Demand Session 1: Challenges in Implementing IoT and Digital Transformation

Abstract: The term “Digital Transformation” has become overloaded and almost meaningless. This presentation will cover three fundamental topics that are critical to understanding how to be successful in the increasingly IoT connected digital era:
• Shell’s Digital Transformation
• Role of Shell Ventures in Digital Transformation
• Deployment Challenges

Andrea Course
Venture Principal, Shell

Biography: Andrea Course works in Shell Ventures as a Venture Principal where she invests in innovative start and scale-up companies that accelerate the energy transition, specializing in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics. She has 14 years of experience in the energy sector. Prior to joining Shell, Andrea worked as Venture Principal at Schlumberger Technology Investments. Andrea has been working on research and new technology development for more than ten years and has held the positions of Product Manager, Senior Product Analyst, Engineering Manager and Product Design Engineer. She holds a degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Central Oklahoma, a Master of Science from the University of Oklahoma in Aerospace Engineering and an executive MBA from the University of Houston.


On-Demand Session 2: What is the Role of Standards and Technology in Getting Data Ready for Analytics?

Abstract: Proper modeling requires more than accurate data. This data must be in a format that is accessible and compatible. With the wide range of venders and applications used to process and analyze subsurface data, it is critical this data be delivered in an open format that is robust and adaptable.
• Good Models start with good data.
• Standards ensure continuity and accuracy all the way up the energy value chain.
• Fixing bad data, incomplete data sets, data conditioning, aligning disparity in formats.
• Sharing data to spot mega trends.

Johan Krebbers
IT CTO & VP TaCIT Architecture, Shell

Biography: Johan Krebbers is currently IT CTO at Shell - accountable for defining and driving the future IT strategy for Shell. Previously, he has been the VP Architecture for Shell, where he created and developed the architecture practice across Shell. Before these roles, Johan had many different IT roles in Shell across multiple locations.


On-Demand Session 3: Ability to Virtualize Access to Data

Abstract: Digital Transformation (DX) has many dimensions - from technology to methodology and best practices. At the core of DX is the dynamics between business processes and business data. BPMS and DBMS have both evolved and become "intelligent." Data tends to be siloed, heterogeneous, and in many systems of records and databases. Having a consistent, reliable, single version of the truth (master data) is critical for any DX initiative. Data virtualization is a technology that, when applied consistently, provides a single version of the truth of the data while keeping the data "in place." The methodology and best practices of data virtualization is even more critical for DX. This presentation will focus on a top-down business process approach of data virtualization that accesses and manipulates the just needed data for a specific business objective.

Dr. Setrag Khoshafian
Principal and Chief Scientist, Khosh Consulting

Biography:Dr. Setrag Khoshafian has been a senior executive in the software industry for the past 30 years, where he has innovated, architected, and led the development of several software products, services, and solutions. At Khosh Consulting he aims to help innovate both startups and incumbent enterprises - especially through best practices with Blockchain, IoT, AI, and Automation.
Previously, he was the Chief Evangelist & VP of BPM at Pegasystems Inc., the Senior VP of Technology at Savvion, and Chief Scientist & VP of Development at Portfolio Technologies.
He is a recognized expert in Intelligent Databases and Intelligent Business Process Management with his latest article, Pioneered techniques for the alleviation of Digital Transformation Debt, getting published by Forbes and having written more than 10 books. Recently his focus has on best practices for the cultural shifts, innovations, and digital transformations especially through Blockchain, IoT, AI, and Process Automation.

On-Demand Session 4: Dynamic Digital Twin Panel Discussion

Abstract: Dynamic Digital Twin was an amazing tool for facilities design, certification and construction prior to the pandemic. Now this tool shows its true potential in reducing employee travel, empowering touch free inspection, and maximizing the value created by virtual teams. Moderated by incoming ISA President, Steve Mustard, the program panel will address the following in a critical, fact-finding discussion:
• The untapped potential for Digital Twin
• The role of Dynamic Digital twin in Data Analytics, and predictive maintenance.
• The value proposition of Dynamic Digital Twin
• Data Driven Decision making based on

Ken Nguyen
Program Manager – Major Capital Projects, BP

Biography: Ken Nguyen has over 25+ years of experience in Engineering and Digital Solutions with the last 20 years focused on transformation and delivery. Mr. Nguyen, an Electrical Engineer, is a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), a Project Management Professional (PMP), and a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE). Currently, he is a Program Manager at BP when where he oversees Digital Modernization and Transformation delivery for major capital projects. Prior to joining BP, that he held various management positions at Symantec, Baker Hughes, IBM, and Shell.

Hani Elshahawi
Digitalization Lead – Deepwater Technologies, Shell International Exploration and Production

Biography: Hani Elshahawi is Deepwater Digitalization Lead and Formation Testing and Sampling Principal Technical Expert at Shell where he has spent the last 16 years. Hani was previously GameChanger, served as Deepwater technology advisor and capabilities manager. Prior to Shell, Hani spent 15 years with Schlumberger in over 10 countries in Africa, Asia, and North America during which he has held various positions in interpretation, consulting, operations, marketing, and technology development.

Joe Little
Consultant and Board Advisor, Ouijo Consulting

Biography: Joe Little’s 32 years at BP (30 years) and BAe have grounded him in solving business problems with real innovative digital solutions. Through 13 years of work in the BP Group CTO Team (recently rebranded the Digital Innovation Organisation), he is deeply experienced in helping businesses understand and exploit such technologies as Robotics, Machine Learning, Virtual Worlds, Games Engines, Digital Marketing activation, Track and Trace, Satellite monitoring, advanced visualization and social networking. He also has several years of experience advising start-ups and small businesses in how to do business with major companies and have successfully introduced several award-winning technologies to BP.

Marc de Buyl
President & CEO at RevaCel, Inc

Biography: Marc has over 40 years of experience in researching, developing and selling technology. He started his career in Research and Development at Schlumberger and has continued climbing to create several of his own businesses and products. He has decades of global experience in the oil and gas industry, specifically in digital twin and virtual reality. He has even sold technology to Siemens, where he served as the VP of Solution Sales. He got his bachelor’s degree from the University of Brussels, an MBA from the West London Institute of Higher Education, and a PhD in Exploration Seismology from the Colorado School of Mines.

On-Demand Session 5: Technology Demo - Digital Twin and Augmented Reality by VisCo

Abstract: In This Digital Twin and Augmented Reality Demo, BP will be used as a case study to show what new technology integration they are using and how it works.

Oystein Stray
CEO, VisCo

Bendik Bendikson
Creative Director, Visco

On-Demand Session 6: Understanding the Digital Twin Value Chain

Abstract: In this session we will discuss the following:
- What are the challenges of Digital Twin?
- The 5-year roadmap for Digital Twin
- Understanding the Value Chain for Digital Twin

Satyam Priyadarshy
Managing Director-India Centre & Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton

Biography: : Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy is a pioneer in the fields of data science, big data, analytics, and emerging technologies. Dr. Priyadarshy is the first Chief Data Scientist of Oil and Gas Industry. He is a Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist with Halliburton. In 2018, Corinium Intelligence listed Dr. Priyadarshy as one of the top innovators for Data and Analytics. Dr. Priyadarshy is a globally recognized leader with a breadth of scientific knowledge, in-depth technology experience, and extensive business acumen. He holds various academic positions at Oklahoma State University, George Mason University. Dr. Priyadarshy has appeared as keynote speaker at several international conferences and has written, co-authored, presented and published numerous research papers in peer-reviewed journals and magazines. He has held various leadership positions in AOL, Network Solutions, Acxiom Corporation before joining Halliburton. He has co-founded few startups in DC and Silicon Valley and is an advisory board member of few startups in Healthcare, Retail, Finance and Analytics domain. Agenda Week of The Financial Times listed Dr. Priyadarshy as one of the potential board candidates with emerging technology and analytics expertise. His profile has appeared in many magazines including Chemical and Engineering News, The Scientist, Silicon India, Oil Review Middle East, Petroleum Review, RigZone among others. He has published over 35 papers and articles including an expert opinion in magazines like Science. Dr. Priyadarshy obtained his Ph.D. from IIT Bombay and MBA from The Pamplin School of Business, Virginia Tech.

 17:00 PM ET


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